Altar Guild Schedule 2021

January: Mary Rowley and Andrea Hams

February: Kristin and Kinzie Nelson

March: Kristin & Kinzie Nelson

April: Leah Smith

May: Melissa Weinreich and Judy Morgenweck

June: Leah Smith 

July: Dianne Wachsmuth and Mary Rowley

August: Kathy Hovland and Arlene Erickson

September: Melissa Weinreich and Judy Morgenweck

October: Kristin and Kinzie Nelson

November: Leah Smith

December: Andrea Hams and Dianne Wachsmuth

Banner Schedule 2021

January, February, March-

April, May, June: Barb Sjoberg

July, August, September: 

October, November, December:  


Green – The symbolizing growth and life.

Green, in a sense, is a "neutral color," used when more festive or more somber color is not appointed.

White - Sunday, February 11th is the Transfiguration of Our Lord and the color white is the liturgical color for this special Sunday.

Purple - The color of the Lenten Season and the color of royalty, repentance, and self-discipline. Purple is indicated, as the stark color of repentance and solemnity.