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9:00 Service


May 26th:

Ushers: Gene & Eunice Weckwerth

Lector: Gene Weckwerth


June 2nd:

Ushers: Galen & Mary Brelie                                                                         

Lector: Judy Roeschlein

Communion: Judy Roeschlein

June 9th:

Ushers: Marshall & Jeanne McGrew

Lector: Steve Denzine


June 16th:

Ushers: Art & Luette Kottke

Lector: Kim Saulsbury

Communion: Kim Saulsbury


June 23rd:

Ushers: Guy & Peggy Groshek

Lector: Peggy Groshek


June 30th:

Ushers: Dale Hawkins & Roger Peterson                                                    

Lector: Roger Peterson


July 7th:

Ushers: Arnie Barabash & Rollie Fredrickson

Lector: Jan Falk

Communion: Jan Falk


July 14th:

Ushers: Brent & Amy Nelson

Lector: Brent Nelson

9:00 Service cont....


July 21st:

Ushers: Greg & Jane Myers

Lector: Greg Myers

Communion: Barb Ennis

July 28th:

Ushers: Gene & Eunice Weckwerth

Lector: Gene Weckwerth


Aug 4th:

Ushers: Bruce & Jackie Thompson

Lector: Bruce Thompson

Communion: Shari Salmonson


Aug 11th:

Ushers: Dan Funk & Chad Chromey

Lector: Linda Johnson


Aug 18th:

Ushers: Dianne Fisher & Suzie Halverson

Lector: Teri Heggernes

Communion: Teri Heggernes

Aug 25th:

Ushers: Nick & Kam Schroeder

Lector: Nick Schroeder


Sept 1st:

Ushers: John & JoAnne Skillicorn

Lector: Harry Blegen

Communion: Harry Blegen

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