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Worship Assistants

8:00 Service                                                                    


Feb 5:                                   

Usher: Arnie Barabash & Dale Hawkins

Lector: Jim Oxberry

Communion: Jim Oxberry


Feb 12:

Usher: Bryan & Dianne Wachsmuth

Lector: Dianne Wachsmuth


Feb 19:

Usher: Art & Luette Kottke

Lector: Judy Roeschlein

Communion: Judy Roeschlein


Feb 26:

Usher: Galen & Mary Brelie

Lector: Mary Brelie


9:30 Service 

Feb 5:

Usher: Mark & Verona Gravich

Lector: Mark Gravich

Communion: Robyn Wallace


Feb 12:

Usher: Matt & Amanda Felger

Lector: Matt Felger


Feb 19:

Usher: Guy & Peggy Groshek

Lector: Jeremy Schultz

Communion: Jeremy Schultz


Feb 26:

Usher: Brent & Amy Nelson

Lector: Kris Pulford


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